Austin-based Communication Firms Join Forces

Austin-based Communication Firms Join Forces

For Immediate Release:
September 4, 2018

AUSTIN—Kristy Ozmun Public Relations, a firm founded in 1998 in Austin, Texas, is joining forces with TexHahn Media. TexHahn Media is a family of public affairs, food marketing, media training and digital newsroom brands owned by Jeff Hahn, and also based in the Texas capital city. The combined companies began operating jointly September 1, 2018, and will continue to serve clients from Central Market, Whataburger and Beef Loving Texans to St. David’s Foundation, Catellus’ Mueller development and Longhorn Network. The firm’s 28 team members now serve more than 25 local, regional and national clients.

“Kristy and I share a bend-over-backwards work ethic for our clients and a mutual desire to bring them great strategy, creative and digital capability,” said Jeff Hahn, principal of TexHahn Media. “She is truly one of Austin’s best PR practitioners, so it’s a thrill to now work hand-in-glove with her.”

The combined entity will operate under the TexHahn Media banner and its brands: Hahn Public, aPRon Food, Newsology and the Predictive Media Network. Ozmun assumes the title of Senior Strategist with the firm while managing the KOPR group of clients and becomes a member of the firm’s senior management team.

“Our business is constantly adapting to ensure clients have the very best thinking,” said Ozmun. “This merger is an investment in their future success and sets us up to benefit our clients for years to come.”

The company is located at 4200 Marathon Blvd., Austin, TX 78756, 512.344.2010.

Media contact:
Kristy Ozmun, 512.413.2221