A New Year’s Resolution to Take Control

A New Year’s Resolution to Take Control

Everyone says New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken.

I disagree.

I think part of the problem with that assumption is that most people make a laundry list of resolutions that’s just too long.

Over the last few years, I’ve found that if you shorten the list of resolutions, and make a sincere plan to conquer them, those New Year’s resolutions can become a reality.

I believe the same logic applies to media training.

You don’t need a long list of things to remember before an interview. All you need are a few short steps to be prepared. Research and analysis by Predictive Media Network shows that in a typical interview reporters ask only six types of questions, and the questions are asked in a predictable sequence. The Predictive Interviewing Model teaches you the secret pattern a media interview is most likely to follow.

When I joined the Predictive Media Network team last October, I was blown away that they knew exactly how I approached interviews. An approach that even I wasn’t aware I was using. Like they were inside my mind!

I have been working as a reporter for local and national television news organizations for more than 12 years now, and Predictive Media figured out exactly how I conduct interviews.

What’s really funny about that is, I didn’t learn that interview pattern in a textbook or a classroom or even from a mentor. It just happened. Now, you can make it happen too.

It doesn’t need to follow a list of steps that would choke a horse, and it really doesn’t need to be intimidating.

As a working journalist, I can tell you it really only takes an understanding of the 8-step predictive interviewing pattern to achieve success.

What I love about my partnership with Predictive Media Network is it gives me the opportunity to empower, and help people take control of their role in media interviews.

Now, if you are looking to enhance your media training, we can help with that. Accomplishing all those other New Year’s Resolutions is up to you.

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