Repeating Negatives Can Doom Media Interviews

Repeating Negatives Can Doom Media Interviews

In a media interview, you always need to be prepared to not bring up a negative or repeat a negative when a reporter asks a negative question. It is always possible to deliver a positive, proactive message, no matter how negative the question might be.

It’s very important not to repeat any negatives within the reporter’s question or repeat some of the criticism. What they’re looking for is your counter or your argument as to why those criticisms may not be valid.

Use transitional or bridging phrases to respond without respond without repeating the negative scenario posed by the reporter. For example, you might say, “…people are certainly entitled to their opinions, but what I would like to see is that people look at the broader picture.” And then, focus on the positive facts associated with your message.

Bridging in media interviews is very important tool to positively impact to the eventual outcome of the story.