Crisis Communication Planning & Simulators (In-Person or Virtual)

Rapid Response teams tasked with protecting brand reputations get better at responding with practice. Predictive Media’s immersive, multi-media simulation exercises provide reputation managers with the practice they need to build effective crisis response skills. Fair warning: this workshop can bring the pain, but the gain is totally worthwhile.

What You'll Learn

  • Your Rapid Response team’s readiness using our in-depth diagnostic.
  • The Predictive Interviewing method.
  • Our industry-leading Reputation Dissonance model – the five-step sequence every Rapid Response team must master to be effective.
  • Ways to improve your team’s responsiveness to reputation challenges.

How Sessions Work

  • Training is conducted at your location or at the Predictive Media studios.
  • Half- or full-day groups sessions only of not more than 12 people.
  • Workshops are fully customized to client interests.
  • Multimedia rich instruction includes social media and news media simulations of escalating difficulty.
  • On camera practice and positive video feedback coaching is provided for spokespeople.
  • Instructor (typically three attend) scoring of team performance and coaching on strengths is performed.


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