Newsology™ Digital Newsrooms

The press release is over 110 years old; it’s time to make your own news. Through Newsology, we teach clients how to design, build and manage digital newsrooms and content to amplify their brand strategies. Newsology is a brand journalism coaching service: we teach brands how to activate and optimize digital newsrooms in order to reach new audiences, engage influencers and interact with reporters.

Why Learn Newsology?

Press releases don’t make news and vanishing reporter relationships aren’t coming back. Algorithm-driven “robot reporters” –– WordSmith, Quakebot, Heliograph, BuzzBot, Wibbitz, News Tracer and more  –– are increasingly creating news feed content. Every day, hundreds of news articles are assembled using content scraped from the web. We’ll show you how to shape your content to pique the interest of news crawlers like these.

Don’t wait for the news. Make your own.

What You'll Learn

  • The effectiveness of your current digital newsroom (using client-provided GA)
  • How to design and optimize your digital newsroom for personas, reporters and influencers
  • The organizational roles and responsibilities, job descriptions and approval process mapping to run an effective newsroom
  • Editorial pillars, story ideation and editorial calendar construction
  • The most useful KPI metrics

How Sessions Work

  • Training is conducted at your location or at the Predictive Media studios.
  • Half-day groups sessions for up to four participants.
  • Workshops are semi-customized to client interests.

Choose from Four Half-Day Workshops

Personas, Reporters and Influencers


Organizational roles, job descriptions and process mapping


Editorial Pillars and Story Ideation Methodology


Editorial Calendar & KPI Metrics Management


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