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In-Person & Virtual Communications Skills Training Workshops


In-Person & Virtual Communications Skills Training Workshops

Russ Rhea is the Anchor and Training Director for the Hahn Communications Skills Workshops

Russ and his network of veteran reporters and experts help clients prepare for presentations, media interviews, public testimony and crisis situations.

Why Predictive Media Training is Better

No ambush stunts. No embarrassing ‘gotcha’ setups.

Hahn communications workshops are designed to build on your strengths and coach up your potential to be memorable in front of any audience. The super-friendly format makes learning, even in front of a camera, fun, supportive and productive.

Forget the 50-page three-ring binder you’ll never look at again.

Hahn workshops are easy to understand and even easier to learn to become memorable. The entire curriculum folds up and fits in your pocket. It’s a desk drawer reference you’ll keep for years.

Want to hear former reporters tell story after story about their years in the trenches? Entertaining? Maybe. Instructive? Not even!

Hahn’s Media and Spokesperson Training workshop features our exclusive, research-based Predictive Interviewing model. It reveals the questions reporters are likely to ask and in the most probable sequence. With Predictive Interviewing, you’ll learn how to control even the most challenging interview and respond effectively to any question.

Clients Love Russ' Training Workshops

“Working with Russ gave me the confidence to do a live TV interview. His patience and spot on suggestions for improvement made the interview a big success. I highly recommend Russ and the Predictive Media Network for your media training needs.”

Rob Milman - MD

Austin Radiological Association


Media & Spokesperson Training (In-Person or Virtual)

Media & Spokesperson Training (In-Person or Virtual)

Our statistically based Predictive Interviewing model provides a logical, easy to understand method for preparing your spokespeople to face questions in interviews, public meetings, testimony and other high-stakes, high-anxiety situations. It has been both tested and trusted by thousands of clients nationwide.

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Crisis Communication Planning & Simulators (In-Person or Virtual)

Crisis Communication Planning & Simulators (In-Person or Virtual)

These workshops are perfect for training Rapid Response crisis teams. Immerse your team in a half- or full-day Breaking Bad News Simulator workshop, a multi-media rich role playing seminar of escalating difficulty. Hahn’s Rapid Response Planning workshop helps organizations create a rapid response culture versus bulky plans that are destined to be immediately ignored when the spaghetti hits the fan.

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Persuasive Presentations & Public Speaking Skills (In-Person or Virtual)

Persuasive Presentations & Public Speaking Skills (In-Person or Virtual)

Bored of being boring? Persuasive Presentations teaches how to deliver engaging and memorable presentations. This workshop can also include a special module that’s It’s also great for public officials who often present or speak and face tough questions.

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Brand Message Incubator

Brand Message Incubator

New/renewed brand messaging using archetypal patterns and persuasion science.

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How to Respond to Hypothetical Questions

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January 28, 2020