Sophisticated Yet Simple Media Training with Materials that Fit in Your Pocket

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Media interview skills require quick thinking under fire. That’s why the Predictive Media Network designed its training materials to be simple and handy for quick reference when you need a refresher on key techniques. Trainer Russ Rhea explains how the entire media training course fits on one placemat-sized paper and a pocket guide.



Hi, I’m Russ Rhea with the Predictive Media Network. In this video, we’re going to talk about training materials.

Many organizations invest in the careers and skills of their people by sending them to training sessions. The most common takeaway materials from trainings and our staff here at the Predictive Media Network can attest to it, Sarah, do you have what you brought home from that training last week?

Yep. Big thick binders. And if you’re like me, these binders tend to sit on a shelf and collect dust. Sure, there’s a lot of great information in these, but maybe not great when you just want to quickly refresh your memory from what you learned in the training.

Particularly with media interview skills and strategy, it requires you to quickly think on your feet and to keep it simple.

That’s why we’ve designed our training course at the Predictive Media Network to fit in your pocket.

In our full or half-day workshops, the entire Predictive Interviewing Course is boiled down into a placemat. On one sheet of paper, we take you through the only statistically based media training model built on the research of hundreds of media interviews. This placemat includes the hidden pattern that drives every interview and built-in messaging templates to ensure a winning interview experience.

On the other side of this placemat, is a high level bulleted summary of the predictive interviewing course and an explanation of the common questions types to be ready for when you face a journalist.

On top of that, each participant gets this pocket guide for handy reference and review. And we also send them a video link to view the multiple practice interviews we do in the training, along with additional critique.

The Predictive Media Network model may be sophisticated and built on extensive research. But the course itself and materials you’ll take with you are simple and easy to remember to give you confidence for whatever audience you may be facing. Thanks for watching.